MBA Recommendation Letter

How to Create and Find a Sample Mba Recommendation Letter?

It is always a daunting task if you need to ask for a letter of recommendation. It gets even more daunting if you are supposed to find the MBA letter of recommendation sample and write your own one.

If you want to be accepted into the premium quality MBA program at solid university, you will need some lor for mba or letters of recommendation. Use this guide to be aware of what to expect from the person who might write a mba recommendation letter sample for you.

Just navigating exactly how to compose a sample letter of recommendation for mba program might be rather confusing. Use this guide with tips and recommendations on how to do it properly.

What is the definition of the MBA Letter of Recommendation or LoR?

Before you start writing, you should be aware of the exact target of the lor. The essential part of the application process is submitting a strong reference letter.

If the student is asking you to back them up with this method, the ultimate target is to involve someone who has a specific level of academic authority and add more credibility to a student’s application.

You might be in strong relationships with a student who needs a sample mba recommendation letter from a peer. This is important for you to communicate the support in a natural manner.

In your sample recommendation letter for mba application, you would need to concentrate on the student’s character aspects based on your academic relationship. Utilize their past work examples as a background for why they might excel in an MBA program.

How to craft a LoR for an MBA?

Before you begin to craft a letter of recommendation, make sure the keywords of the lor are directly related to:

  • The relevant experience of the student. Did they demonstrate critical thinking, leadership, communication, or analytical skills? Take some time to be reminded about their most useful traits and observe them during work to emphasize them in the recommendation letter.
  • The impact of their academic experience and work on their specific future targets. Was there any work task or specific course they excelled in? How is it related to the prospective MBA program?

The relationships with students will define if they might request a lor from you and then the type of data that would be needed to be added in the specific business school lor.

MBA LoR Requirements

Tailor your data concerning the following subjects:

  • Your applicant’s academic credentials/transcripts. Scrutinize the student’s academic record. Find where they shine. Based on the experience with applicants, answer what are their extracurricular activities, teaching assistant experience, best course grades related to the ability to stand out in the specific MBA program?
  • Be aware of the applicant’s MBA final goals. Connect the student’s academic and professional history to their targets in the prospective MBA program.
  • Define the applicant’s history points you might relate to or accentuate. Identify what aspects of the student’s history might strengthen the overall institution body of the student.
  • If important, ask your student about the universities he or she is applying for. If you do it, you will better understand your audience. Identify the qualifications the institution is looking for, data required in the application packages, how that impacts the lor’s content.
  • Discuss the main points of interest with your applicant. Make sure you know what they want to emphasize.
  • Keep being formal throughout the entire letter. Do not discuss anecdotes not to detract from the main idea of the lor.

What Should Include In A Letter of Recommendation for MBA?

The lor must be one page long, consisting of the intro, at least 2 body paragraphs, and a conclusion.


  • Formal greeting. Mention your title, introduce yourself, and add affiliations.
  • Candidate intro. Introduce your MBA candidate.
  • Relationship to your candidate. Describe the way you are related to the applicant and why you recommend this applicant to the MBA program.

The body of the lor must include:

  • The explanation of how the recommender, you know the MBA applicant.
  • Short description of the best traits and applicants as they relate to their future targets and the program.
  • Specific samples of the skill set of the applicant. Provide concrete and real-life examples of the excellence of the student.


Summarize the reasons why you recommend this applicant to get accepted into the MBA program. Reiterate the candidate’s observations briefly throughout their strongest features for acceptance and your relationship. Add the invitation to contact you if they need more data. Add a formal sign-off – your signature and printed name.

MBA Letter of Recommendation Writing With Example

If you need a sample mba recommendation letter from employer, you might read the following example:

“Dear Oxford University MBA program:

I am composing this lor to recommend Margareth Jones for the specific MBA program of Oxford University. I have been a supervisor of Margareth for the last three years in college in Nebraska. Working with Margareth, I have witnessed personally her hard work and dedication to the organization.

Margareth’s curiosity in learning new assignments has made her very knowledgeable in many niches. She has demonstrated a great ability to learn and retain new data accurately and fast. Margareth always lives up to the ideals of the company.

I believe that Margareth will succeed in your MBA program because she is ready to meet various challenges, no matter how complicated they might be. The knowledge that she will gain from your MBA program will let her be the best employee at any organization in the future. Margareth is a perfect candidate for your MBA program and will succeed in it, for sure.

Suppose you have some questions, contact me as soon as possible.


Robert Moore”

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