Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be assured that my payments are secure?

We protect your data and take appropriate measures to keep you anonymous. We ask that you note that your author will not see your name or any other personal details. Also, your credit card data or any other data will be safe due to our care about the security of all payments. All of our employees are committed to keeping your privacy, so there’s no reason for you to worry.

What if my LoR is different and more complicated than others?

Our professionals are capable of creating a LoR to meet any customer’s goals. Also, it makes absolutely no difference to us how complex the requirements are. Make sure you post your detailed requirements, so we can have a clean idea of our task. The authors working with us are highly professional and with their help even the most complicated LoR will be written for you.

Do I have to pay for my order immediately?

The procedure for paying for your order is prepayment. We have developed a system that makes everyone involved in the transaction feel secure. We ask you to pay once the order has been placed. The amount will remain in your personal account. Once you have received the order and confirmed your satisfaction, you can release the payment and the author will receive the appropriate amount in his personal account.

Can I get my LoR at a bargain price?

We take pride in the fact that we keep our prices low. You can also control the amount you spend on your own. For your understanding, we want to emphasize that the final amount is made up of several parameters, one of which is the deadline. Make sure you place your order early, so you can save significantly on your budget.

Can I get special treatment as a customer?

We treat all customers equally: respect for your requirements and adherence to all our commitments are guaranteed for you. In addition, you can express your desire for additional services, such as: providing reports on uniqueness and the absence of any errors. We will also make additional reviews of your LoR it’s necessary. Specify in your order what kind of benefits you want to get from us.

I'm having trouble placing an order, what should I do?

We have made allowances for the possibility that you may have questions or difficulties with some process. Although we have made the order placement form as simple as possible, we also provide you with extra support. Our agents are always here and available to you in the shortest amount of time. What you need to do is write to our support chat room. Describe exactly what you’re having difficulty with, and we’ll show up as soon as possible.

What do I need to describe when I place my order?

We’ve detailed for you what information we expect to see. Generally, the data we need will depend on the complexity of your LoR and your ultimate goal. Accordingly, if you’re applying for a new job position, make sure you describe your experience that will be relevant in this case. We also ask that you upload your existing certificates and credentials. If there are additional requirements, we are always open to hearing about them later.

I have new requirements for an order after I've posted it. What should I do?

We have created a special chat room where you can contact your author directly. This is where you should state the requirements that appeared after you placed the order. We kindly ask you to do this as soon as possible, before the author starts the process. This will help all of us save time and resources.

How long will it take me to place the order?

On average, it takes 5 to 15 minutes to place an order. It depends on how complex your LoR is and how many additional parameters you will be describing. We have simplified the process as much as possible, so you will spend minimal time and resources on this process. Every customer makes a minimum effort in the process of working with us.

Why do I pay immediately when I place an order?

We ask you to make a deposit as one of the steps of placing your order. We do this so that your author can be sure he or she will receive payment for your work. Likewise, we ask for your attention to the fact that the author does not receive money immediately. The amount is sent to his account only after you receive and check your paperwork! In this way, all parties remain protected with regard to the availability of security guarantees of the general cooperation.

Can I make corrections or add something to my order?

We have provided a unique feature: the ability for you to communicate with a personal author. Among other advantages, this function is quite handy when it comes to correcting requirements. Did you forget to specify an important detail, or did new requirements emerge in the process? We invite you to your personal account, where you will find the chat function with the author. Tell him briefly what you want to change, and he will take it into account. But be sure to do it as soon as possible.

Can I change the deadline for my LoR?

Ideally, we ask each customer to consider when they need to get their LoR. Virtually every individual knows their deadline absolutely clearly. But also, we take into account the possibility that unforeseen factors will come up in your life. In such a situation, we are open to changing your deadline to suit your wishes. Contact a support agent as soon as possible, and we’ll take the necessary steps.

Where can I get information about the status of my LoR writing?

Your personal account is your first friend on our website. We’ve added a feature to track the status of your order directly through your account. It’s pretty simple: enter your username and password, and you’re free to see updates! Also, you can always get notifications via email or messages.

Can I see a uniqueness report?

We check all papers and guarantee 100% uniqueness of the texts. Thanks to this approach, you do not have to stress about the possibility of plagiarism. But if you want to see our uniqueness report, order this service and your author will be more than happy to provide you with it.

Can I expect free corrections if I'm not 100% satisfied?

Your order will meet your requirements as well as the general requirements for LoR. We pretty much rule out the possibility of anything going wrong. But we are all human, and humans are capable of making mistakes. Check your paper, and if you notice something you’re not happy with, let the author know. Free corrections to your finished order is what you’re guaranteed to get from us.

How will I know if my paper is ready?

We’ve developed several ways to make the progress of your order visible. You are free to let us know in advance how you want to know the status of your LoR: get an email or personal message, log in to your personal account and refresh the page, write to our agents to ask questions. Each of these ways will give you 100% accurate information about the status of your order. There are no delays. Our professionals work efficiently and accurately for you.

I want the file to be sent to my email. Is it possible?

For our users, we provide all functions to facilitate our mutual cooperation. If you do not want to check the status of your order, but just want to get the file on time, specify in your requirements that you want the file via email. Don’t worry, you won’t have to remind us of that, and we’ll send everything on time. This method is the most common and popular among our users.

After checking LoR, I found some errors. What can I do?

We guarantee maximum attention to your order. All paperwork is checked several times and the presence of errors is practically ruled out. Since we are confident in our abilities, we guarantee you free corrections if something has been done incorrectly. In that case, we insist that you check your paper upon receipt right away. Inform the writer or support agent that something has gone wrong.

I have to release payment to the writer immediately upon receiving the LoR?

You will receive your file and confirm your satisfaction. If all your expectations are met, we suggest that you release the payment so that the author is rewarded for his or her quality work. We ask you to do this after you receive your LoR, as we want everyone involved to feel safe.

Can I work with my author in the future after this order is closed?

If you enjoyed working with a particular author, we are free to ask us to make him or her available for you next time. If his or her specialty fits the requirements of your next order, he or she will gladly take it on. Make sure you ask the author to fulfill your order in advance, even before the deadline period.

What does the amount payable depend on?

The final figure is formed based on several key indicators that you fill in yourself. These indicators are the deadline, the amount of work for us, and the specific characteristics of LoR complexity. The key point we recommend you manage is the deadline. Are you wondering what exactly we mean? Open the order placement page and see how much the price changes depending on the amount of time you give us to close the order. To conclude, we recommend that you place your order fairly quickly once you know your needs.

Can I influence the final amount?

You can affect the last amount due. Make sure all the lines are filled and pay special attention to the deadlines. Managing your deadline is what makes the biggest difference in terms of saving your budget.

Can I order additional services to my LoR?

We can provide you with additional services if you require them. The list of services is in front of you, and you can choose what you require. Want to see additional reports from your author? Tell us about it! Your reports will be sent to you based on your needs. We can complete the service fairly quickly. To do this, select the minimum possible time on the list.

How do I get a special customer discount?

We have developed a special loyalty system. This will mean incredible savings for you! Once you decide to stay with us long term and place even more orders, we will give you a separate discount system! Questions? Email us to find out more! Plus, we’re happy to provide you with a referral link to invite your friends!

Can I invite my friends to become your customers?

We have developed a system so that you can invite your friend to become one of our users. Both you and him will get a discount on your next orders. What do you have to do? Tell our agent that you want a special link, and we will send it to you. Send the link to a friend and wait to be among our new users!

How can I be assured of a positive result of the collaboration?

Each of our writers has a specialization in at least one academic area. This helps us cover all topics in our papers. In addition, each of them has already gained impressive experience during their careers. Each writer has hundreds of successful client stories to his or her credit. In addition to all this, each finished paper is checked by special professional tools. This ensures a flawless end result!

What tools do your authors use?

Each author has their own list of professional tools that they use in the process of creating papers. Each of these tools serves as their assistants in checking the papers for any errors. The most important one is uniqueness. World-renowned, reliable tools are used by us to make sure LoR is unique.

Can I complain to a support agent about a quality issue?

Our support agents know their responsibilities! They are always here to support and help in case of any problems. Did you have a misunderstanding with the author, or were there some mistakes in your LoR? You can demand to make all the changes from the author, or you can write to a support agent. We’ll look into the matter and help you right away.

Can I get my money back?

We will give your money back if your order hasn’t been fulfilled on time or if critical errors were made. Also, if there was a glitch in the payment process, you don’t have to worry. We’ll fix the issue and your money will be returned to you. Make sure you share the difficulty with your support agent on time.

Are you ensuring my privacy?

We are fighting for your privacy! All the data you left here is saved. From the first to the last digit, your bank card number will remain secure! In addition, every employee has signed an agreement to keep all of your data private!

When do I pay my author?

Your author will gladly accept payment for his work as soon as you receive the finished file. What do you need from you? Receive and open your LoR. Make sure everything is exactly as you imagined it. Check the parameters that need to be met. Are you satisfied with the result? Confirm the payment through your personal account and your author will get the money! We’ve been using this method for a long time, and our users have noticed that this way they feel much more confident.

Who will my author be?

Your author has at least one degree. We have tried to choose specialists who will be professionals in different scientific fields. This helps you get your author as quickly as possible and not have to wait your turn. Before you start working with an author, you can also ask them questions about their experience and competence. We want to let you know that our authors have huge experience and hundreds of successful stories of their clients!

I want to have a chat with my author.

You have access to a private chat with your author through your personal account. Find the “Write to Author” section and start a conversation. You can write anything you want. Specify additional parameters, tell your wishes or your excitement. The author is always online and will be notified of your message. Almost 24/7 he’ll be ready to respond and give you the information you need.

Can I ask for additional reports?

You can order additional reports. If you want to see these reports, you need to let the author know that it’s important to you. But we want you to know that even without these reports, your paper will be perfect. For many users, having a plagiarism report is very essential. Tell us about that wish, and we’ll be happy to help provide the right paper!

What to do if an author doesn't respond?

It happens very rarely. But if your author hasn’t responded to you in a while, something unexpected may have happened. We are all human, and sometimes we may be sick or even, trivially, just sleeping. If you require an answer now, write to our support agent right away! We’ll find out what’s wrong and get back to you as soon as possible.