Thank You Letter Of Recommendation

Why Is Writing Thank You Letter Of Recommendation So Important?

It is always very important to take the time and energy to say thank you. This applies not only to the personal life of each person. It is necessary and useful to thank people, if only for the reason that they will feel the significance of the actions taken for your benefit. By writing a thank you letter for recommendation, you are expressing to the person who created this recommendation that you value their time and work. In addition to the formal function, this letter also carries good emotions that can provide you in the future with a second recommendation from this important person for you.

By sending such a letter, you can both thank the author for the newly created recommendation or write a thank you letter for recommendation after acceptance, thus informing the addressee that his letter has played a big role in your life. Don’t neglect the meaning of these letters because, no matter how you think, people actually value showing gratitude.

What is a Thank You Letter of Recommendation?

Let’s go back to a situation where your teacher, employer, or other trusted person created a letter in which he described your achievements and gave personal recommendations about you for your future institution or employer. This letter is important for you so that the HR department or the admissions committee of the educational institution will single out you among other applicants. And now you have successfully passed the competition and are already starting your activity! In this case, your confidant has played a big role for you. Now you can thank him for the time and effort he spent on you.

Saying thank you for letter of recommendation will help this person remember you and, if needed in the future, he may help you again. I think everyone will agree that there are pluses in this. By composing and sending a thank you email for letter of recommendation, you will feel better, and your referee will know that his work has only been beneficial!

But how do you create a thank you letter for a letter of recommendation? Are there strict standards in the writing process that should not be violated? In general, this type of writing is not totally official. Given the fact that you are writing gratitude to someone you know, you can express genuine emotions without being too formal. But also remember that you should not be too frank either, because in most cases, the people who write your recommendation occupy high positions. A completely informal letter can change his opinion of you.

So, getting down to writing, you can create a thank you note for a letter of recommendation, on the basis of which you will write several paragraphs of the letter itself. Limit yourself from three to four small paragraphs. Introduce yourself in the first paragraph, devote the next two to a description of the gratitude, and in the final, say what impact the recommendation has had on your life and thank the person to whom the letter is addressed. Be sure to follow the format for writing official letters. Remember to introduce yourself and remind your trusted person of your connection.

An Example of Thank You Letter of Recommendation Writing From our Authors.

As we said, writing a thank you letter recommendation is a process that you can fit into a few small paragraphs. They can be arbitrary, but at the same time, remain formal out of respect for the addressee. We have created a general and short example for you, after reading which you can form your own vision of this text. It looks like this:

“Dear Professor Kraft, 

I would like to express my gratitude to you for creating the recommendation that you wrote for my future university. The Admissions Committee contacted me to inform me about my admission to the Faculty of Dentistry.

Your time and support have played a decisive role in my future training, and I would like you to know how valuable it is to me.

Thank you for being a decisive influence in achieving my goals.

I wish you all the best,

your student Eric Altsman.”

The full version of the letter should look more extensive, and this is just a short example of it provided by our company for your review.

What Should Include In A Letter of Recommendation for Thank You?

There are mandatory points that a thank you card for letter of recommendation should include, regardless of whether it is addressed to a stranger or someone with whom you have worked for a long time. In your letter of thanks, indicate:

  • Your name and reason for addressing the person.
  • Briefly describe the impact his recommendation has had on your studies and career.
  • Write that you appreciate the fact that the person has created a letter of recommendation for you.
  • Tell that it was a pleasure for you to work with this person.
  • Wish him all the best, make a sign and write the date.

This information is written in the letter so that the addressee could understand who and what they are writing about and find out what impact his recommendation had on you. But if you are still a little afraid of composing such letters, please contact our LoR editing service for writing such texts so you can stay calm.

A Few Requirements for a Thank You Letter of Recommendation.

Knowing how to write a thank you letter for a letter of recommendation, remember that there are still certain requirements to be followed. Don’t forget about formatting. Even though this is a thank you note, it should still be easy to read. Use common fonts and never add any visual effects.

Considering the fact that the letter is still formal, only talk about specific facts. Remember that the person you are writing to is still a busy, highly qualified professional who values ​​their time. And most importantly, when you send an email, don’t expect to get something back. Show your sincere intentions to thank, because this person has already done everything possible for you.

Our Services Helping with Thank You Letter of Recommendation Writing.

Sometimes we want to do something special for those who did good for us, but we still doubt how to say thank you for a letter of recommendation is correct. Especially for such cases, we have created a service for writing these letters. Believe me, briefly describing your gratitude without taking a lot of time from the reader is not very easy in most cases. Using our extensive experience in creating different types of letters, we know how to do it efficiently and quickly. Don’t worry if you don’t feel like you can express your gratitude properly. Fill out the order form, specify everything you need, and our LoR writers will create the perfect thank you just for your case!