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The essence of this letter is to provide the selection committee with the best version of yourself in order to distinguish you from others. You, of course, can find someone who knows you well and hope for his competence in writing a letter of recommendation.

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We create letters of recommendation for sale every day, and we know how they should look. There are a number of guidelines that we must follow when creating a letter for you. First of all, such recommendations differ from institution to institution and are sometimes quite different. When starting to work on your letter, we visit the websites of this institution or contact them directly to find out what requirements they have.

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Expectations about how a letter of recommendation will be written about you and reality are sometimes completely different things. Cases about not being able to ask your professor to rewrite your recommendation if it seems to you that it is not very good or shows more of your negative sides than positive ones. Typically, you only have one chance to take advantage of his time and ask for this paper to be written. What you get in the end is a big question.

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