Letter Of Recommendation For Nursing School

The Detailed Review of the Letter of Recommendation for Nursing School

Writing a nursing recommendation letter is a part of the duties of all hospital principals who head medical personnel. This article provides extensive guidance on how to write a nursing recommendation letter. If you write this type of document for the first time, this review will help you. The examples of nursing recommendation letters are a case in point on how to achieve a brilliant result.

Recommendation for Nursing School: Definition and Purpose

A letter of recommendation (also a letter of reference) for nursing school is a document from an employer. It represents the academic, professional, clinical, and leadership competence of an employee. In simplistic terms, it is a third-party opinion about a candidate to the admission committee.

The information represented in the letter of reference should highlight the positive characteristics of the jobholder, confirm the education, and validate the experience for the admission committee. It addresses the desire of a student to become a nurse.

Nursing schools are always in search of the ideal candidates. Therefore, a convincing letter of recommendation for nursing school from an employer is the best possible way to confirm that an applicant deserves a chance. To provide a letter of reference for a team member, a supervisor should know this person well within close collaboration and explain the behavior in stressful situations.

Prospective nursing students usually address the request to write a letter of recommendation to a former or current educator, healthcare supervisor, former or current employer. This document must represent only relevant information with regular practice or volunteering experience of an employer without a break for three to four years. A letter of recommendation is valid when written by a person who can attest the leadership skills.

Writing Guide and Structure of Nursing Recommendation Letter

When you get a request from your student but do not know how to write a letter of recommendation for nursing school, consider the core value of the document first. It should encompass the qualities and skills of an employer that relate to nursing directly, eliminating unnecessary details. The standard structure of a nursing recommendation letter is:

  1. Introduction. A short part with concise information that contains several sentences. Start from compellation when you know the recipient of the letter, e.g., «Dear [name].» If not, start with the phrase «To whom it may concern.» It should include the purpose of the letter, the indication of your working relationship with an applicant, and a statement of the character.
  2. Body chapter (s). These include up to two paragraphs, listing the positive characteristics of an applicant which relate to nursing practice. Support the information with facts and examples in the medical practice. Generally, one paragraph is enough. If you want to highlight the many talents of an applicant, include one more chapter. In this case, dedicate one chapter to the personal characters and another one to examples.
  3. Conclusion. It finalizes all said above in two to three sentences. Add your opinion, why this candidate is ideal for the targeted position. Support the beliefs with the impeccable reputation of the jobholder. Show promise for the success of this person in the future.

Writing a letter of recommendation for nursing school, avoid rhetorical phrases. Also, you should exclude irrelevant information for the desired position that does not relate to the medical practice.

Examples of the Chapters and Writing Suggestions

Using a letter of recommendation for a nursing school template, you can craft the document. Let’s follow the examples for each chapter:

Introduction examples:

  • Dear Dr. McMillan,

I am writing to you on behalf of Jannet Robson, an endowed and skilled practical nurse. She has worked here in the emergency departments at UK Chandler Hospital under my supervision for the past five years. She has represented herself as a responsible nurse, and her application to your early treatment center deserves the utmost attention.

  • To whom it may concern

I have been heading the nurses at Kentucky Children’s Hospital for ten years and have experienced the pleasure of working with Albert for the last four years. He is a talented, capable, motivated person. His patients appreciate his care and give positive comments only. Although we do not want to let him go, I recommend him for the nursing position.

Both examples express a positive attitude to the employer, exposing the personality of an applicant.

Example of body chapter.

Miss Wilson is a very self-bestowed nurse who dedicates a lot of time to her department. Sacrificing her life outside work, she focuses on the patients maximally, providing excellent care remaining amicable. Miss Wilson is optimistic, winsome, and glad to be of service. Patients say only exuberant comments about her. Her positive energy sanitizes and hides the extent of the miserable atmosphere in the hospital connected with grief, pain, and sorrow. Regardless of the overwhelming number of responsibilities for nurses, he does her job bravely and can always control the situation.

Example of conclusion.

I have confidence that nurses should be knowledgeable, highly motivated, and strong-willed. Miss Stanley possesses and combines all these features successfully. I accredit she perfectly fits your available position. We regret that she leaves us and have no doubts that she will impress the head of your nursing department as much as she impressed me.


Dr. Charles S. Brook

Eastern State Hospital

[email protected]

Work phone number: +1 757-253-5161

The best qualities of the applicant are the classic example of a letter of recommendation for nursing school. It should focus on the vital information that can be useful for the available position.

The Essentials of a Letter of Recommendation for Nursing School

When writing a sample letter of recommendation for nursing graduate school, pay attention to the following essential that a document must include:

  • Context: the information of recommender which emphasizes the working relationship between referee and applicant, reasons for suggesting this candidature, and all unique skills;
  • Matching the position: highlight the skills that match between it and the available one. It is appropriate to have a copy of the vacancy and the applicant’s CV to write it efficiently.
  • Specifics: enumerate all achievements of the applicant in the current post. Provide vivid examples which support your opinion, add awards if an applicant has them.

All in all, a sample letter of recommendation for nursing school admission must provide precise and concrete information to make your candidate cut through the clutter.

The Requirements for a Nursing Recommendation Letter

As with any documentation, the requirements of nursing recommendation letters maintain the official standards. Use this sample letter of recommendation for nursing school applicants to craft it correctly:









Be aware that a letter of recommendation for different programs may slightly differ. For instance, a nursing letter for:

  • Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL): the recommenders must attest leadership skills of an applicant;
  • Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN): the recommender must highlight the successful practice to match the competence the degree of Master and the Nurse Practitioner after graduation;
  • The degrees of post-master and doctor of Nursing Practice certificates demand recommendation letters from APRNs.

Use the sample letter of recommendation for nursing school students wisely according to the program and desired position.

Professional Assistance for Nursing School Letter of Recommendation

Writing a nursing letter is a responsible process. It requires attentiveness and level-headedness that may make the dreams of your student come true or may not. The poorly crafted document will not only crush the hopes of your supervisee but hit your reputation as well.

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