Letter of Recommendation for Immigration

When Is Letter of Recommendation for Immigration Required?

People who are planning to migrate are always involved in the quite long and complicated process of preparing numerous documents. A letter of recommendation for immigration from family is one of them. This letter must support the applications and include the reference from colleagues and community members. In case you need a reference letter, then you should clearly understand what it is, what requirements it has and how to write the necessary document.

What is a Letter of Recommendation for Immigration?

A letter of recommendation for immigration is written by a competent, reliable person who aims to support a particular candidate in his/her desire to migrate. It is expected to add some value to the candidate’s application. Next, the government officials will consider the application and the letter of recommendation to decide whether the person has good moral character.

Steps to Write Letter of Recommendation for Immigration

Every sample letter of recommendation for immigration purposes shows that this paper must include definite parts. These steps will help cope with the task easier:

  1. Introduction. Begin the letter with salutation and state “to whom it may concern”. Do not forget to leave some space before going to the first paragraph. Mention who you are and what is your relationship with an immigrant. Briefly describe why this application is so important and requires extra attention.
  2. The main body. Here you should talk about the positive attributes of the immigrant. There are no limits in terms of size here, still, be careful and do not make the part too wordy. Exclude any unnecessary, irrelevant information. Otherwise, you risk making the officer bored. Mention the treats that are so important for planned work or life in a new country. Provide specific examples to prove your words.
  3. Conclusion. Summarize all mentioned above information and highlight once again why a discussed person is suitable for immigration. Provide contact details in case the officer wants to clarify some nuances.

Other important points of letter of recommendation format and samples are signature at the very end and a list of specific reasons. The letter should not be longer than 600 words, and it must be written professionally.

Example of Immigration Letter of Recommendation

It is highly recommended to observe a few letters of recommendation for immigration examples to get a better idea of the winning and correct content:

“I am writing to support the application of Andy Brown to become a citizen of your country. I am the priest of the local church, and I have known Andy since our childhood. Andy and I have been friends for many years, and I can say that he is a kind and very honest person. He is involved in the local community, and he is always ready to help everyone who is in need, even a stranger.

Andy is also very involved in his work as an engineer. He has a great reputation and is known to be the best specialist at a current place of work. I can say that Andy is very dedicated to his job. He will never let his colleagues down. Last year when his co-worker was ill, Andy managed to finish the project on his own before a deadline…”

What to Add to a Letter of Recommendation for Immigration

First of all, it is necessary to identify the kind of immigration proceedings (deportation, naturalization, etc.). You should ensure that the letter processes the relationship, proves abusive offense, or confirms employment/residence. Besides, it is necessary to include:

  • Story of acquaintance with the immigrant. The author of immigration letters of recommendation for the family usually knows the candidate well or several ones. You might be the students of one classroom, colleagues, etc. This is what should be placed at the very beginning of a reference letter.
  • Good features of an immigrant’s character. Instead of simply talking about positive attributes, it is recommended to use anecdotes or stories from real-life experiences to create engaging content. The candidate should share treats that he/she wants to be mentioned. Suitable words may be very decisive for government officials.
  • Future contribution. If the immigrant decides to move to another country to work, then the author should talk about his/her potential for the country’s economy. The future input must be included in the reference letter to boost the reasons for moving.

Requirements of Letter of Recommendation for Immigration

How to write a letter of recommendation for immigration to increase chances for approval? Start with studying the following requirements:

  • Purpose. The overall content of the letter should be relevant to the purpose. Otherwise, the government office will refuse to read it at all.
  • Size. You should give detailed traits and examples, but at the same time, it is necessary to watch the size. Your letter should not be too wordy as you risk confusing the officer.
  • Style. It is another important point. You should follow the official format and make sure that the overall content sounds professional. It is better to consult a dictionary if you have some questions.
  • Contact information. Even if it is optional, you are highly recommended to mention a preferable way of communication to stay in touch with the officer.
  • Examples. A letter of recommendation for immigration, marriage, or any other purpose must mention the examples to prove the candidate has the reasons to be applied.

Where to Get Immigration Letter of Recommendation

There is no doubt that you can download a letter of recommendation for an immigration template and create it on your own. But mind that in this case, your document will look like hundreds of other applications. If a question of immigration is a decisive moment in a person’s life, it is recommended to approach a professional letter of recommendation writing service and order an immigration letter of recommendation for a friend. Experienced writers will create a stunning paper that strictly follows all requirements and can easily meet the high expectations of government officers. If you need the help of the best service, do not hesitate and get in touch with our team. We can guarantee that your reference letter will surely grab the attention and help reveal your personality in the best way.