Letter of Recommendation for an Internship

Making a Gorgeous Letter of Recommendation for an Internship

Making a good letter of recommendation for an internship may become a lucky ticket to the desired program. There are so many things to consider in each case. And each such case should be assessed individually to address its peculiarities correctly and to make an application winning. But, there are basic things to be addressed… to increase the chances for a successful application and getting an anticipated internship place. Let’s review all step-by-step.

What Is an Internship Letter of Recommendation?

Any reference letter is a short overview of a candidate, an applicant for a specific internship program, with a brief description of one’s qualities, strengths, and overall suitability for a specific internship program. This letter is simultaneously persuasive and argumentative writing. It should form a good appearance of a candidate. And there are many peculiarities to consider and take into account while preparing the final draft of such a letter.

How to Write an Internship Letter of Recommendation? +Format

The first question that arises is “how to write a letter of recommendation for an internship?” There is no unified receipt for all cases. But, based on our writing experience, we have shortlisted those crucial points that have to be covered well and thoroughly.

Emphasize those requirements that have to be addressed and all peculiarities of an application process. The profile of a candidate matters here. Identify key points that selection committee officers expect to see in a candidate. And meet those expectations where this is possible or offer suitable substitutes for the requested and expected points. Making the list of things that are requested and can be offered is the best approach that precedes making a winning letter.

What Should Be Included In a Letter of Recommendation for an Internship?

An amazing sample letter of recommendation for an internship should include the description of the best traits and experience that make an applicant distinct and worthy of being chosen. While making this description, it is important to look at a candidate from the perspective of the selection committee members.

To form your list of essentials that have to be included in your reference letter, answer these questions:

  • What are the exact contact details of a target internship program and a person responsible for the review (if it is possible to find out)?
  • How long a person who recommends knows you, and in what capacity?
  • What are the strongest points that the selection committee expects to see you have?
  • What are the distinct achievements and accomplishments you have?
  • What are skills that can help you perform well during the anticipated internship?
  • Why are you worthy of becoming a participant in an internship program? How can you benefit from it?

The last question you should answer too is “how to ask for a letter of recommendation from an internship?” You should be confident in a person who recommends you, that you will get the best recommendation from that person. Discuss the most important points that should appear in your reference letter.

Internship Letter of Recommendation Requirements

Even if you find a good internship letter of recommendation template, we prevent you from following its formatting entirely. This is a common mistake. Emphasizing your requirements to formatting, content, style, and structuring are the foremost points that have to be addressed well.

Basic requirements are always shortlisted in the guide for the target internship program. But, extra effort is required for structuring the reference letter well, making it readable and easy to understand. Various professional readability checkers and editors may help with that. If you experience difficulties while dealing with all requirements, professional LoR writers may easily help you with those only having the basic information about the form of the final content that should appear before the selection committee.

Internship Letter of Recommendation Writing With an Example from Us

Even if it is difficult to suggest some workable for all cases writing options, our service wants to provide you with some abstract letter of recommendation internship examples on how does a good reference letter for an internship should look like. This is designated to give you an overview of the style and tone of writing this letter should have.

/contact details of a person who recommends/

Dear, /name of an advisor of the selection committee/

This letter is my chance to recommend to you my former student /name/ for an internship program /title of the program/. I am glad to be chosen for this role because a person who I want to recommend to you, in my opinion, really deserves to become a participant in this program.

I know /name/ for 5 years already as I taught /title of a course/ and worked with a student as an academic advisor. This is a purposeful person who quickly learns new material and can address complex matters. My student was always dedicated to achieving more in the course of studies and expressed sincere interest in the field of /title of a field/. This enabled him/her to develop a deep knowledge of the subject and good analytical skills. Besides that, my student is also a good communicator who can express one’s opinion confidently and well. I have not noticed any problems in the communication of my student with one’s peers. I believe that my student is mature enough to gain new life experience your internship program offers.

So, I strongly recommend you, my former student, as a participant in your target program. If you need more details about the performance of an applicant, please let me know about that shortly. I will be glad to provide all possible information I have on the point.


/name of a person who provides a recommendation/.

Internship Letter of Recommendation Writing Service

If you are getting stuck already (and your teachers) while writing a letter of recommendation for an internship, we suggest prompt assistance with that writing. Our proficient authors have created many well-made internship letters. They can help you succeed with an application to your anticipated internship program.

We need only get requirements, information about your desired internship program, and a person who will recommend. The rest of the letter-making work will be done by professionals. Make your request for an internship letter of recommendation creation according to your needs and distinct features! We will write about it!