Internal Medicine Letter of Recommendation

Who Needs Internal Medicine Letter of Recommendation?

A letter of recommendation is an important part of the application. Most program directors take this document as decisive for either accepting person’s candidature or not. Hence, internal medicine LoR is your chance to be selected by the internal medicine residency program. Still, you will hardly be able to grab the attention of your application without knowing what LoR is and what common requirements are for writing it.

What is the Internal Medicine Letter of Recommendation?

It is a document that gives a clear insight into your skills, abilities, and important achievements in the related area. As you know, it is hard to understand what kind of person and specialist you are only by looking at your grades. Having a great letter of recommendation means that you have more chances to succeed with your application. That’s why you should do your best to impress a program director.

Tips on Writing Letter of Recommendation for Internal Medicine

If you do not want to risk your reputation and just fill in fields of sample LoR for internal medicine residency, then keep in mind a few effective tips that will help you cope with the task easier:

  • Clarify all details. A letter of recommendation should be specific and brief. If you see that there is a lack of information, you should do your best to find out more details that are related to the case.
  • Start with the basics. A winning letter always begins with a review of the person, his/her traits, skills, and achievements.
  • Include contact information. It would be nice if you encourage the program director to get in touch and ask any extra questions. For this, provide the most suitable way to follow up.
  • Be professional. The letter should be written in a proper style and tone. Avoid using too complex phrases, unnecessary linking words, and check your grammar.
  • Mind format. Not all applicants understand the importance of the correct format. Still, if you want to have a catchy document, this rule must be followed. The standard length is 1-2 pages. No multiple subheadings or bullet lists are required.

Example of Internal Medicine Letter of Recommendation

A good sample letter of recommendation for internal medicine residency can help you get a better idea of style and format. Luckily, there are plenty of examples that you can find on the Internet and take advantage of them. Still, you should remember that your application must be followed by an original letter of recommendation. Otherwise, you risk losing the attention of the program director. Make sure that the person who is going to present your candidature knows you well as a professional and person in general. For example:

Dear Residency Program Director,

During my professional life, I met many young and talented physicians, and doctor Bill Collins is just such a specialist. He has impressive clinical skills, attentiveness to details, and endless inspiration to improve his own expertise. The doctor always demonstrates a remarkable level of medical insight and the ability to cope with any tasks, even the most difficult ones…

A Letter of Recommendation for Internal Medicine: What to Add

Like any other important paper, a letter of recommendation has a few points that must be included:

  • Introduction. Here you should write about the role of internal medicine in your professional life.
  • Main body. It includes educational and professional details and does not discuss things that are not related to internal medicine.
  • Conclusion. This is your last chance to set a positive impression. Recall all reasons that make you the best candidate for a definite program.

Note that adding honors, certification, and awards will double your chances to stand out in the crowd of other applicants. If you want to get a better idea of how a required document looks in general, then pick up an internal medicine letter of recommendation sample on the Internet and study it well.

Internal Medicine Letter of Recommendation Requirements

If you want your LoR for residency in internal medicine to grab the attention with the first line, make sure you know all requirements and realize how to achieve them:

  • Adherence to standards. You are expected to add a summary of your qualification to the letter. Also, it would be your great advantage to mention personal skills that help you stay a good specialist and constantly develop your own expertise.
  • Language. All words or phrases that have nothing in common with professional style will definitely spoil the impression from your candidature. Avoid adding jargon, contractions, or words that you are not sure about.
  • Size. You must not include any information that is not related to your professional life. Keep all paragraphs clear and brief.

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