College Recommendation Letter

Why Do You Need a Letter of Recommendation for College?

Applying for a college, a student might need at least a few lors or letters of recommendation. One should be from a high school teacher, while another one might be from the employer. There must be particular things mentioned in the letters of recommendations for college admissions officers.

Most colleges suppose their applicants to provide them with lors. So every applicant needs to know how to ask for the letter of recommendation for college. These letters are important for what they say. Sometimes the admission committee will not read the lors. However, the fact that you can drum up the lor is a sign that you have very good communication skills, which the committee might keep in mind.

What is the Definition of the Letter of Recommendation for College?

The college recommendation letter is a kind of endorsement of the college applicant, which is composed to boost the chances for admission. College letter of recommendation is a formal, brief statement that must emphasize positive traits and explain the reason why the candidate would succeed in college studies.

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for a College?

  • Think before saying yes. Before you begin to craft a recommendation letter for college, you would better answer yourself honestly whether you agree to help the applicant. If you do not think you can create a positive lor for college admission, you would better turn down the letter of recommendation or lor request.
  • Concentrate on the specific school. Ask a person you are supposed to write a lor for data on the school. Concentrate on the skills of the student that will help them succeed in this school. Ask the applicant about the school types they are planning to attend.
  • Collect data. Ask the applicant to give you a copy of their resume to be aware of the person’s experience. To understand them better and get more knowledge about them, you would better schedule a meeting with him or her.
  • Tell how you get to know the specific applicant. In the beginning part of the lor, you would better state how well you know this person and for how long you do it. For instance, if you are the employer, mention how they contributed to the success of your company, writing a college recommendation letter.
  • Add specific examples. If you want to know how to compose a college recommendation letter, you should keep in mind that you must be as specific as possible. Be specific about the qualities and skills of the applicant.
  • Be positive. Mention that you believe that the applicant would be a great candidate for the school. Emphasize that you recommend this person. You would better do it in the beginning part or ending part of the lor. Try to help your applicant stand out.
  • Do not use cliches. There is a wide variety of cliches about students’ lors. For instance, you would better avoid such phrases as “diligent student” or “hard worker”. Support your statement with particular pieces of evidence.
  • Add your contact data. If a specific school has any questions, you would better provide them with your contact details. Share your telephone number, email address in the final part of the letter.
  • Follow the submission instructions. Ask the applicant about the way to submit the letter. Ensure you follow the guidelines, in particular, where and when to send it. Use the right format. Check the submission deadline at least two times so as not to have any questions about arriving at the letter on time.

What Should Include In A Letter of Recommendation for College?

This lor must give the key details concerning the relationship between the applicant and recommender and emphasize the positive attributes of the applicant. It must include:

  • The explanation of the way the recommender got to know the applicant.
  • The positive traits of the applicant are relevant to the college success of the applicant.
  • Anecdotes that illustrate the competence and character of the applicant.

Try to tell a story instead of writing too many positives. You would better show instead of telling why they will succeed in the specific school.

When you check out the college recommendation letter template, you will notice that it must fill the entire page. Ideally, it should be 400-500 words long. There must be the intro, 2 main body paragraphs, and the conclusion. The applicant must be described in a specific way highlighting both their personal qualities and academic skills. Suppose the lor is composed well; it will give a clear view of the applicant that goes beyond their personal resume and grades.


The intro must be around 2-6 sentences. Here you are supposed to describe your relationship with a student.

#1 Paragraph

In the initial body paragraph of the lor, you would better give a positive student’s character description. Here you should also add awards and achievements that they might have earned. This paragraph is the lor’s main body. It must be 4-6 sentences long.

#2 Paragraph

This paragraph is supposed to expand upon the initial one. It must emphasize the participation of the student in school groups and in school. It should cite specific samples of their positive character qualities. Here you would better connect your student’s various aptitudes and interests to depict a memorable and coherent portrait. This part must be 3-6 sentences long, depending on the amount of examples that are provided.


This part must be around 2-4 sentences in length. Its target is twofold: give a contact method for more questions and summarize the personal recommendation of the author.

College Letter of Recommendation Requirements

Looking in the college letter of recommendation template, you will notice that there are specific requirements for the lors. Here they are:

  • Mention diverse achievements.

If you have to give 2 or more lors, it would be wise to get people to compose about two various aspects of your personality, academic potential, and achievements. For instance, one letter might concentrate on the research abilities, when another one might concentrate on the performance in the classroom.

  • Provide your recommenders with relevant data.

Though a person knows you, it does not mean they are aware of your achievements and academic tests. Therefore, you would better provide them with such data:

  • the list of your grade point average (GPA) and academic achievements;
  • your CV;
  • the list of your volunteer/extracurricular activities;
  • the date by which they are supposed to submit the lor.
  • The letter must always consist of the things you did.

The recommender must not only list your skills but also provide examples of when and how you utilized them. For instance, if the recommender wants to mention that you have awesome research skills, they would better name the research project you participated in.

  • The letter must depict the way you mastered your skills over time.

To admission officers, a lor that only praises seems to look unrealistic. Therefore, your recommender should rather mention the way you improved over time. For instance, you might have been shy during the class at the beginning, but sooner, you have become a great debater.

  • The tone of the lor must not be too dry.

Being formal does not mean being dry. The lors should be personalised. So you would better avoid cliches speaking about a specific student.

College LoR Writing With Example

“Dear Mr. Jackson,

            I am composing this letter to support Jeremy’s application to be admitted to a literature class of the 2022 year at Oxford University.

            I have been Jeremy’s supervisor at Huffington post since he was employed in May 2016. Today, he has shown himself to be a reliable, extremely creative person with leadership skills. Despite the fact this was his first job, he has shown so much desire and passion for creating articles.

            Here is a short anecdote to show Jeremy’s character:

             One day we had a great deal of work to do overnight. Jeremy offered his helping hand and stayed the whole night in the office composing creative articles for our readers, despite the fact it meant a 24-hour working day for Jeremy.

             Despite the fact Jeremy worked for us part-time, he has improved a lot as a creative writer. His grammar skills are just impeccable, and his vocabulary has been boosted a lot since he was hired.

             I have no doubt he would be a successful candidate for your literature class. Moreover, I believe you would be proud of the fact that such a great person with so much potential has studied at your university.


Jimmy Morris”

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