Brag Sheet for Letter of Recommendation

The Mission of the Brag Sheet for Letter of Recommendation

Let’s imagine that the student has already passed the exams, prepared all the necessary documents, and ready for a big step, namely, to apply to the next desired educational institution. As we already know, one of the main documents required for submitting an application to the university are letters of recommendation from former teachers, deans, and other authority figures.

But can a student somehow positively influence the composition of this letter or simply motivate the person they need to create a recommendation about them? This is exactly the case when the student should draw up a brag sheet for a letter of recommendation. And here we will talk about its features.

Definition of Brag Sheet for Letter of Recommendation.

Brag sheets are, by definition, a type of letter that summarizes who you are to your referrers and reminds them of your positives. As we know, the letters of recommendation themselves are written for us by people who know us.

But in order to motivate them to create such a recommendation that the student needs, we can provide these specific people with a letter in which, in a sense, we will ask them to write about the student.

Why is it so important to create such a letter? Because our teachers and principals are very busy people and often they have the task of writing several dozen letters of recommendation at the same time. What is the chance that yours will be a priority for a busy person? By sending them your brag sheet, you will attract the necessary attention, and this person will definitely write your recommendation among the first.

How should I Create my Brag Sheet for Letter of Recommendation?

In general, answering the question of how to write a brag sheet for letter of recommendation, we can assure you that this letter is very similar to the letter of recommendation itself. Please note that even though this letter is addressed to a person you are familiar with, it must adhere to the standards of text formatting and structure.

Divide your essay into subheadings, highlighting three main parts, make a short outline and follow it. Do not forget that such a text should remind them of your merits, which you would like to see in the recommendation letter itself. By the way, specialists and experienced students recommend using the standard Times New Roman font, size 12, since most of us are used to seeing the text in this particular form, and it is more convenient for perception.

What are Examples of Brag Sheet for Letter of Recommendation?

Should your letter be the epitome of seriousness, or can you add a little creativity to this type of writing? We will tell you a brag sheet template for a letter of recommendation, using variants of which you will win the hearts of your target persons.

Do not use only facts, but rather remind people that you are an unusual person, and your approach to solving problems is different from the vision of everyone else. Also, if the letter is addressed, for example, to a chemistry teacher and you decide to study in this scientific field, remember his favorite phrases and tell him how they changed your life. Build trust, and it will bring you a reward!

What Should A Brag Sheet Include?

Such a sheet should be unique, but there are some standards that need to be adhered to. Your student brag sheet for letter of recommendation should definitely include: the student’s name and contacts, information about your educational institution, your average annual grade and exam results, data on your activities (sports and intellectual competitions, your social activities), awards purchased. Besides statistics, be sure to share your ideas and goals for the future.

General Brag Sheet Requirements

We will give you a good brag sheet for a letter of recommendation example, which describes the requirements for composing this type of text.

The gold standard of your composition should be its compactness but, at the same time, richness of information. Try to describe everything within one page or within the 500-600 word limit. Use fonts that are understandable and familiar to us all for readability; make sure that your bragging sheet has no mistakes and read it several times before submitting. Sounds simple, at least we think so. If you want us to be the ones who will make it happen for you, just contact our LoR writing service!

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