Your Detailed Guide On How To Create A Letter Of Recommendation For A Teacher

Try to imagine a living without teachers. Some may say that it will be easier since no one will tell us how we should live. However, it’s not correct since teachers explain the basics of any science. Understanding this fact, a lot of people decide to become a teacher, which is not so easy.

Firstly, you have to finish university, then you have to practice as an assistant. Right after that you can apply for a teacher position. One of the things to do is to write a letter of recommendation. Do you know how to do it correctly?

We are eager to suggest that no. The reason is simple – we help with a recommendation letter for the teacher very often. That is why we know that a lot of people are afraid of missing something important in such a type of document. Yet, we asked our experts to create a small guide for all of our customers and readers. So learn this tips for writing a teacher recommendation letter and improve your LoR.

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for a Teacher Step by Step

The first thing you have to notice is that such a letter is not something impossible. Hundreds of people have to write it every day in different parts of the world. Thus, you can easily cope with a letter of recommendation for a teacher, regardless of the fact that you have to write it for yourself or somebody else.

So, how to start?

Pick the appropriate format

As you might have guessed, there couldn’t be any informal phrases in this document. Mind that a letter of recommendation will be read by a master and HR managers, so you have to follow a formal tone. Moreover, there is a bunch of information that should be included obligatory.

These are the most common data each letter should contain:

  • The name and address of the person providing a recommendation in the top right corner;
  • Date;
  • The name and address of the recipient;
  • A formal greeting;
  • One introduction;
  • Body paragraphs (2-3);
  • Conclusion or closure;
  • Signature.

These constituents may also vary depending on your letter. For example, it is possible to use a preset letterhead or state the name of the institution instead of the recipient’s name if it is not known, etc.

Enlist qualifications

How do you think you should create such a LoR? The answer is simple. Usually, your previous leader is responsible for this. Yet in some cases they might delegate it to your own and then just correct some paragraphs. Moreover, someone might ask you to create a teacher reference letter. So it is necessary to know the structure.

The introduction is one of the most formal parts of this document. There shouldn’t be any estimates here. You might include only qualifications and the role that a certain person played for a school or university.

Writing a recommendation for a teacher you might also add some data about your personal attitude to a person’s decision to leave your company. However, if you don’t have to add anything positive, it is better to skip this part.

Mention the applied position

Writing about the applied position is the most important thing in this document. It is the most important data in any LoR since the new employee will analyze it to decide whether to hire a certain person.

At the same time, this part is the most difficult. That is why many people refer to a sample letter of recommendation for teachers. It might be helpful. Yet you should bare in mind that this part is the most unique so it is better to get consultation or even help from experts.

Provide accomplishments and skills

When writing letter of recommendation for teacher, you should include the skills and qualities of the applicant that comply with the required position. These skills and qualities may vary, for example, creativity, managing and organizational skills, devotion, etc. For teachers, their characters are crucial. Soft skills are a must and you should mention them.

After mentioning all the skills and qualities, it would be good to tell how exactly these skills affect the performance of the candidate in the classroom. Take into account the position and institution again, since kindergartens and high schools require different skills and abilities.

If the parents of pupils have good feedback about this teacher, do not forget to mention it as well. It is very important. The new institution will take into account that the candidate can build trustworthy relationships with both students and their parents.

Specify the examples

All letters of recommendation for teachers require specific examples. All the accomplishments, hard, and soft skills must be mentioned in your recommendation letter. Here, you can tell about the events this teacher arranged for students to help them learn their new topic more efficiently.

If you are talking about the history teacher, you can mention how successfully he or she organized the visit to a history museum, etc. The contribution to the institution’s life and development apart from the job description is also essential. Therefore, if your candidate arranged various events to contribute to the social life of both students and teachers, it should also be mentioned.

Do not forget to provide your contacts

Leaving your contact information in the conclusion of your reference letter for teaching job is a must. Otherwise, the potential employer will not be able to get in touch with you and make sure this letter was really written by you or ask you some questions. Providing both your email address and phone number is also helpful.

A Good Recommendation Letter Example for a Teacher

If you want to have a better image of how to create your recommendation letter, check this sample recommendation letter for a teacher and get inspired by it. Hopefully, it will help you come up with a great letter of your own.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am very honored to strongly recommend Edward Martinex for your 7th Grade Biology Teacher position at Willsboro Elementary.

My name is Monica Norton, Principal at Oak Lane Elementary. I have been working as a principal for 13 years and for almost 25 years in elementary-level educational establishments. I have met a lot of great teachers in my school. Edward is one of the most outstanding employees at our school.

During his time as a biology teacher at Oak Lane Elementary, he demonstrated high talents in managing the classroom, passion for his job, and establishing a really trustworthy and respectful relationship with his students. Edward impressed me during our very first meeting. After that, he showed extreme growth and improvement as an educator. He started to apply an innovative approach to teaching and various teaching styles that boosted students’ success rates.

Once, Edward offered to help a student who had hearing issues. He tried a totally new way of teaching that helped this student perceive information more efficiently and he had no difficulties with studying biology anymore. By the end of the year, this student showed huge progress and became one of the best students in his class in biology. 

However, I am not impressed solely with Edward’s teaching skills. I was very pleased working with him because of his strong desire to help each child love his subject and succeed in it. His attitude was always very positive and inspiring. Edward showed his full commitment to this position. Thanks to this, not only students highly respected him but also their parents were as happy about the studying process as possible.

I have complete faith that Edward would be the best fit for your school. I am also very sad that Edward is leaving us due to his spouse’s new job and the necessity to move to another district. He does not only possess the necessary skills you are looking for in a candidate but also he will bring the energy, knowledge, and skills that will boost the academic success of your students. Apart from all this, Edward will contribute to the social life of your school thanks to his brilliant organizational skills. None of the events in our school were arranged without his leading participation in them.

If you need more specific examples or questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with me at (834) 444-8787 or [email protected] I will be happy to provide you with more information you may be interested in. 

Sincerely yours,

Monica Norton


Some More Tips

If you are not sure whether you can complete a letter of recommendation successfully, here are a couple of more tips that might help you do that. Do not worry, crafting a proper letter of recommendation is not more difficult than writing a simple college essay. Anyone can cope with that task when approaching it properly.

Do not write if you hardly know the candidate

If someone you hardly know asked you to create a letter of recommendation, you should better reject. It is not good to write about someone you don’t even know. You will not be able to describe this person in detail since you do not even know his or her achievements, skills, or personal qualities.

Don’t be afraid to reject it. You can always kindly ask someone else for a well-known reason.

Start in advance

Every professional lacks time. Obviously, you cannot afford to write one letter for the whole week or so. However, you should not procrastinate until the last day. You may not even know how to write it properly, so you need some time to open samples, see how others do that, and consider what you are going to write about.

Therefore, devote some time beforehand and at least try to see what you are going to write. You may also need some time to proofread and edit the document. Take this into account. Last but not least, you do not want to make the candidate who asked you for a favor nervous, do you? So, be kind and provide your colleague or employee with the document a bit in advance.

Consider Asking for Help

The last thing we always advise to our readers is about turning to professional assistance. There is nothing bad about such a decision. Especially when you understand that you can’t cope with some part of LoR.

Our writers have helped a lot of people to create a proficient LoR and get the dream job. So, we can help you as well. Just provide our letter of recommendation writing service with requirements and instructions. We will assign the most appropriate writer to your order.

Mind that it is better to buy a letter of recommendation and get the guaranteed high-quality result rather than rely on someone who doesn’t have the necessary writing skills but promises to help you for free.