The Importance Of Understanding How To Write A Business Recommendation Letter

As human needs grow, the number of companies providing goods or services increases proportionately. Because of this, there is a proportional increase in competition in all areas of business. There is an obvious fact of the current struggle of companies for the trust of corporations and private users. One of the tools to help achieve the goal is the business recommendation letter. This document is intended to provide guidance between two interacting organizations and customers to a business. Someone could ask for this letter to obtain financing, contracts or to broaden the audience for services and product sales.

This type of paper has an official character and usually plays a significant role in the life of a particular company. Through such a paper, important strategic goals and expanded business opportunities can be achieved. If the writing of LoR is too complicated or the author does not have extra time, a letter of recommendation writing service comes to save the situation. This is a proven way to improve the efficiency of any work process.

We’ve gathered important data about the recommendation writing process. Learn how to do business correctly and what details of the letter may not yet be obvious to you.

Definition of What Is a Business Recommendation Letter

The existence of a business letter of recommendation is critical for a company to achieve its goal. This letter itself is a tool for influencing business partners, investors, clients, and any organization interacting with a particular firm. This type of recommendation describes:

  • Positive experiences of the organization by a particular company.
  • The process of one key scale customer interaction with a specific business.
  • Benefits obtained unilaterally or reciprocally between companies.
  • The reasons why working with a particular company will have a positive impact on a third party.

If you are the owner of a private company or a key employee of a large company, you have probably already been asked for verbal recommendations. A LoR for a business is a written description of a common collaboration. The opinion you express on behalf of your company can be another plus on the scale, which will determine the reality of the implementation of the goals of another firm. The LoR written for business will have an official format and contain a business language. Despite the relatively free form of describing the data, it is still necessary to adhere to the necessary standards.

Details of What to Include in Business Letter of Recommendation to Make It Competent

Before you start, we recommend reading about the basics of writing a particular type of LoR. Initially, you should consider exactly the purpose of the particular business reference letter and the company’s vision for it. Despite the relatively loose appearance of this letter, you definitely need to include the necessary information. The following data will help the recommendation to acquire the correct business form:

  • Names: author and the company to which he belongs: location, city, and current calendar date.
  • An address on behalf of yourself (or your company) to a representative of the recipient company.
  • A brief description of when and how you get to know the company you are describing.
  • Acknowledge key elements of your recommendation, such as: a productive experience working together, a shared history of growth, and the role of the particular company in achieving your goals.
  • If someone, in particular, has positively impacted your business, include the name.
  • Emphasize the impact of your partnership with the person or organization.
  • Conclude the recommendation positively. Convey your belief in the success of your organization and point out how the reader can contribute.
  • Include your information, a contact person, and indicate that you are willing to answer additional questions. Indicate your wishes for success and sign the paper with your name.

Remember that while there may be a lot of data, you don’t want to make the letter huge. The length of the letter is governed by the business recommendation letter format and should be no more than one page.

Figure Out How to Write a Business Reference Letter

Advance preparation plays a role in all aspects of life. To write a letter of reference for a business, you must also be informally prepared for the process. The quality of such a paper must not contain any errors because the level of seriousness is maximum. Unlike writing a resume for an individual, a reference for companies can determine the immediate fate of hundreds of employees.

We suggest you dive into the process and learn how to help yourself with the task at hand. At the beginning of the process, learn about the expectations from you. What is your role in achieving the goal of the company you intend to recommend? From this, work out the content of the letter. Afterward, make sure you know the details of how to send the letter. Clarify the recipients’ name, email, and company name.

After clarifying the goals and specifics, work on the structure of the recommendation. Experts start with an information plan. After recalling the key points of the collaboration, write down a few sentences around which to build the entire story. Once you understand the structure of the recommendation, make sure your letter adheres to the necessary word count of the document.

LoR ready to send? Don’t rush to conclusions. Check the text for any errors and make sure the formatting is correct. Also, we do not recommend the use of non-standard font, adding visual effects or pictures. If you have questions about writing a business reference letter criteria, get your help from the experts of the writing company. This way, it will be easier for everyone involved in the process to achieve the goal.

How Can Someone Ask For a Business Reference Letter?

Such requests come from companies hungry for investment or to expand their capacity at any cost. Sometimes even barter is offered for such papers.

The process of requesting a writing a reference letter for a business is usually a formal procedure. Also, the type of collaboration is important in this matter. If you are a business for which an LoR needs to be written, you can create a request for:

  • Writing an LoR to send to business partners.
  • Attracting investors to help you grow your industry.
  • Indicating your credibility as a company or entrepreneur through a recommendation from a trusted large-scale company.
  • Attracting a specific audience or expanding your market for services and sales.

When there is a question of funding or monetary investment-trust is not built on the word of random representatives. Carefully check the position of the person putting the paper in perspective. The way in which the LoR is requested depends on who is writing the paper. It can either be an individual who recommends you on social media or a representative of a company potentially trusted by investors. Regardless of the author of the LoR, the representative of the company concerned must send the request in an official form.

Given the specifics of the paperwork, this would be the correct thing to do. Compose a formal request to the company or individual and send it via email. Once you’re approved, be sure to send the necessary information about your company or services. This will help the author describe your business more clearly.

Get Familiar With an Example Business Reference Letter Document

Usually, templates help in case you don’t have the necessary experience to make paperwork by your own powers. By taking a business reference letter example, you can apply your information and make a recommendation many times faster. But note that this does not override the fact that you must create a strong and motivational filler beforehand.

In case the text has already been created, try to complete the job of letter creating by means of looking at our examples. A professional of their craft has provided free data for our readers with positive intentions to help. Remember, this is just a brief general template with general information.

General business recommendation letter template

Depending on the intended purpose, the data provided below will vary. It depends on the uniqueness of your experience with a particular company. Also, change the business recommendation letter template if you have been asked to create a letter using an existing company template.

  1. Recommend author’s and company data, phone number, and address (fill in separate clear lines).
  2. Date of LoR creation in free format.
  3. Data of the addressee: recipient’s name, business name, office location details.
  4. Location to the target company.
  5. The purpose you are pursuing in writing the LoR and a statement of the fact that you are recommending a specific company, entity, or individual.
  6. Here is the main informational component. Include details about your cooperation with the particular organization or individual. Describe the way it has affected your business, ideally with statistical figures. If possible, give names of supervisors or staff who played key roles.
  7. Put a logical ending to the motivational sentence. State the positive beliefs. Emphasize that you can personally confirm the information provided.
  8. Express wishes for productive collaboration.
  9. Sign with your own name.

Your Introduction to the Business Recommendation Letter Example

An important detail of preparing to create a LoR is to check out a visual business recommendation letter example. Visualize how the letter will look to make it easier.


Jessica Evans,

Head of Public Relations, ExclusiveGoods Inc,

+49 843 856 270,

79-184 Krakow, Poland.




To: Lara Landers

Director of Engagement, IT Research Institute

10-946, Berlin, Germany.


Dear, Lara Landers.

I consider it my honorable mission to describe the merits of a company called Secure Technologies. The essence of the work of this company is to check and fix the problems of the machines responsible for the outage of the servers installed in enterprises and private organizations. By discovering their potential, you will unambiguously improve the productivity and speed of your research.

Working with Secure Technologies, for the first time, we are able to qualitatively organize and speed up our servers and computers. Their Specialists, led by Tom Iggins, diagnosed many machines and identified our needs. After troubleshooting the problems, we achieved an increase in the speed of the computers within the company.

Collaboration with Secure Technologies has also had a positive impact on the atmosphere in the team by removing unnecessary stress between employees.

My colleagues and I recommend that you collaborate with Secure Technologies. We are confident that you can get benefits from the results of the collaboration and would be happy to recommend them to others.



Jessica Evans.


If it is difficult to collect key data in a short but informative letter, you can buy letter of recommendation from specialists. In this case, the company’s goals will be unambiguously achieved, and also, you will save your professional and personal time. Get rid of stress by trusting the professionals.