The Importance Of Understanding How To Request A Letter Of Recommendation From Employer

The need for a recommendation letter from employer can arise at any stage of your professional career. And most often, it does not depend on your level: beginner or senior. Everyone in a company may at some point decide to be promoted or change companies completely. If you decide to change course and develop other skills, you will also need a recommendation from your previous boss.

This paper makes it easier to get an interview. With the LoR, you increase your chances of talking to your HR manager and then to your direct supervisor. Often for those who don’t have time to do paperwork, a great way out is the help of a lor writing service. With the help of experts, paper creation becomes faster and more productive. Some companies work directly with writing companies. In that case, it’s a productive relationship between professionals. You divert the work you don’t want to do and let the professionals take care of the matter. Bottom line: all parties win.

What are the details in the LoR request process, and what do you need to know? We’ve answered the most popular employee questions in this article. Often the reason a LoR is denied is the employee’s improper way of asking for it. This includes improperly referring to a company employee who is not responsible for writing the paperwork. Read on for the information you can use on your own in the future.

Correct Way of How to Ask For a Letter of Recommendation From Employer

As with other formal inquiries, this process has its own details. When you ask employer for letter of recommendation, follow these steps and make sure they are correct:

  1. Make sure you have a good reputation with the company you are applying to. Ask recommendation letter from employer only when you know that you are respected by the particular company. You may be turned down for a recommendation if you’ve made gross mistakes during your course of employment.
  2. Choose the addressee you send your request to. Usually, this type of request is handled by a specific employee of the company. Most often, this is handled by the HR department. Choose a specific individual and make sure they are responsible for this type of process.
  3. Observe business language and be friendly. Even in the case of your excellent communication with the recipient, respect the formal language of the letter. All such requests should not be informal.
  4. Politely ask for a deadline by which you want to receive the LoR. To write the LoR, the HR manager will need to gather information about you. This takes some time. Despite the certainty of a response, set a final date for receipt of the reference. This will help you not fail your own deadline.

It is extremely unlikely that anyone can fail to ask for their recommendation. Among the 4 points described above are the most common mistakes made by workers. Now you are aware of them, and we are sure that the information is useful. Request a recommendation from employer is a fairly simple and standard procedure. You are sure to get a good paper for yourself if the above points have been followed.

How Do Reference Letters From Previous Employers Work for You?

Initially, reference letters from previous employers are used to obtain a new job position with a completely different company. When applying for a new job, you may remember a company you worked for five years ago in a related profession. In this case, you can write to your former employer and ask for a reference. Also, as we described in the previous paragraph, make sure your relationship is good. It makes sense to ask for a reference from those with whom a common collaboration has benefited both parties.

The procedure for requesting an LoR from a previous company is the same as for everyone else. Whether you worked here a month ago or 3 years ago, follow the standard procedure. The 4 points above apply to all LoR filings.

What will you gain by asking for a LoR? Knowing the specifics of the new job position, describe the situation to the HR manager you are applying to. Send the information and correctly ask for a description of your relevant traits. By highlighting specific strengths, you can influence the new employer’s opinion. When doing such a trick, be sure that such a request will not anger your past company. Remember that sometimes an incorrect tone can seem manipulative to an HR manager. Extremely harsh, but sometimes it serves as a reason to deny a recommendation. Be professional, and success will not be long in coming.

Instruction of What to Include in Reference Letter From Employer in Correct Way

If you need to go through the process of writing a recommendation letter from employer, then make sure that specific things are included in the paper. Your admission to a new company will depend half on the information in the recommendation. The main detail of the letter is a positive review of your uniqueness. Only then will success be more possible. The HR manager and the person writing the letter should keep in mind the key process and purpose of the paper. Make sure to include:

  • Description of the applicant and his or her key qualification.
  • The candidate’s advantages at the beginning of the relationship with the recommending company.
  • The individual’s job responsibilities and ways of doing things.
  • Description of merits.
  • Expressing faith in the candidate’s future job prospects.
  • Exact personal information about the recommender.

In fact, such a letter is not different from other recommendations. That depends on the applicant is his responsibility to control the process. You need to give all the information to the former employer. When we say that, we mean: Specify what you would like to see in the text. You should start with the new work position. Understanding the needs of the new company will help you form a clear idea of the information component of the LoR.

Before submitting your LoR request, outline your desired paper. Describe your plan in a nutshell to your previous employer. This way, you increase the chances that the information you need will be included. Such tactics are effective and pay off.

The Brief Data Example of Letter of Recommendation From Employer

The example of letter of recommendation from employer is not informal. Lack of extraordinary information is quite normal. Check below what basic information should be in the LoR from your former company.

  • The person recommending you, including his name, job title and work location within a specific time frame.
  • The subject line and name of the person recommending you.
  • The body text, beginning with an introduction and a description of your intent.
  • A description of the person’s qualifications and work experience. A description of the individual’s exceptional qualities as a professional.
  • Closing thought with an expression of faith in the professionalism of the person.
  • Sign the recommendation name of the recommending individual and the date of creation.
  • Seal and signature of the company representative.

In general, this format is typical. The only difference is that usually, the employer does not say who the letter is addressed to. It is only information about a particular specialist. The data inside the letter will be different. The specialist can influence this process by indicating his goals for the recommendation when he sends an email request to the HR manager.

An Informative Sample Recommendation Letter From a Previous Employer for You to Get Familiar

Based on previous short information, check what an actual example recommendation letter from a previous employer looks like.


Inga Denoir,

head of HR at GoodWear Inc. 

[email protected] 

10-0955 Athens, Greece.  

Paper purpose: Recommendation about Dimitri Alatizis. 

I, Inga Denoir, being the Head of HR Department for 8 years at GoodWear Inc, would like to recommend Dimitri Alatizis as a competent professional. This candidate worked for the company for 2 years in the position of IT Manager. The work he did brought positive benefits to every department of the company. Working with Dmitry we have improved some internal productivity indicators during his last year in the company. 

This person has always remained a responsible and result-oriented professional. 

We would definitely recommend Dmitriy and recognize him as an extremely competent and talented professional. 




*Seal and signature of the company representative.

Difference of the Sample Email Reference Letter From Employer

The example email reference letter from a previous employer will include the same information about the former employee as a standard letter of recommendation. The difference from a standard letter of recommendation is that the email reference will be formal in nature. In fact, such a letter is written in a looser form and may take up a little more space overall. Such a letter is sent in pdf format. The candidate saves this letter and can use it without first digitizing it.

You can buy letter of recommendation from professionals if it is a problem to create it yourself. The company will take care of all the formalities. The responsibility of composing the request for recommendation and the very filling of the letter can also fall on the shoulders of the experts. Get to know more detailed information and tricks of creating the paper when working with qualified experts.