Efficient Tips And Recommendations On How To Write A Letter Of Recommendation For Nanny

A nanny is a job position that means lots of responsibilities. This person has to be skilled enough in different spheres to take care of one child or several kids. The variety of such skills impresses: starting from professional knowledge to apply first aid to children to specific pedagogical skills.

Employees with a high level of professionalism and experience in this field are in huge demand. But to be able to apply for a nanny position, a person must present relevant application documents. A letter of recommendation and letter of reference for nanny is the key essays. These assignments highlight all professional skills, experience, and perspectives.

So let’s find out the main particularities of this application essay. The following guidelines will be helpful for everybody who needs to write such a text for a special purpose.

The Basic Facts: What Is Recommendation Letter for Nanny

A nanny letter of recommendation is one of the most important docs for a person who wants to take a similar position in the future. Usually, it is written by a parent of a child the employee has been working with. It is also possible that this essay may be made by a third person for some reason. For instance, if an employer doesn’t have such an opportunity, a nanny has to prepare a text on her own, or she decides to buy it online.

A recommendation letter has 2 main tasks:

  • professional opportunities. On the one hand, this is a part of an application that helps an individual to get a job. It describes all the candidate’s benefits that differentiate him or her from rivals. Having professional and unique skills, it’s much easier to get hired compared to a candidate with no experience at all;
  • a personal message of thanks. A parent has an opportunity to make a special note of acknowledgment to a person who had been caring for children for a while. And because a professional nanny has plenty of obligations, all the arguments in the letter will highlight the professionalism and assist in taking another great position in the future.

Anyway, let’s accept that in most cases writing a recommendation letter for nanny is a task of a kid’s parent or a guardian. These people usually don’t have a huge experience in making such an assignment if their professions entail writing responsibilities. For this reason, they need some help with doing such an assignment. The following tips are great for everyone who has faced a requisite to write it.

The main particularities of a nanny recommendation essay

This is a formal document so the content, paper structure, and tone of voice must be standard. A high-quality nanny recommendation letter must describe the following points:

  • work experience. It includes experience at the recent place and a brief overview of previous places too. It would be great to mention the duration of work and several details of everyday obligations;
  • performance. An author may mention the general efficiency and productivity of a nanny. If it is possible, explain several achievements too;
  • skills. Driving license, language certificates, cooking achievements, and other skills are always great benefits of a candidate;
  • strengths. This block contains the best sides of a nanny. For instance, strong character, a unique skill, very useful experience in the past, etc.;
  • a personal portrait. People who hire a nanny for their kids want to know a nanny as an individual too. They want an applicant to be a kind, honest, and pleasant person.

Most parents want to get acquainted with a nanny’s formal docs beforehand. This is a good approach to choose the most appropriate person who will take care of the most valuable for them – for kids. For this reason, writing a recommendation or reference letter for a professional nanny is a very responsible task. Don’t ignore it or make it carelessly because your employee deserves such appreciation.

Nota bene: the difference between reference and recommendation letter for a nanny

Usually, if you have to write nanny reference letter it is the same as a recommendation letter. People often use these 2 types of application essays as synonymous and it’s fine. But to be honest, there are several important differences between them.

Long story short, a reference paper is more general, it confirms that the author knows the exact person, and can confirm the main facts from an employee tenure. This text may be written by anybody including colleagues. A person may ask for writing a reference letter once and use it multiple times.

A nanny letter of recommendation is a more specific paper. It must describe the individual’s skills, experience, performance, strengths, and personal characteristics. Every detail should be supported with evidence and examples. For instance, if a nanny is capable of talking to a kid in a foreign language then it’s better to attach to a recommendation essay any certificate that confirms the exact level of speaking skills.

As a result, a recommendation letter is much more specific and is usually written for the exact job position. Compared to a reference letter, it has more weight for a candidate.

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for a Nanny

You want it but are unsure of how to start a letter of recommendation, what information to place in the main part, and how to end it, of course… This is fine. Thanks to the following instructions, even an author with no experience in writing will perform a nice essay for a nanny job position.

Tip #1. Keep a proper format

As a recommendation essay is an official document, it requires a writer to rely on formal guidelines. Here are traditional requirements you must keep in mind:

  • write 1-2 pages of text;
  • use margins up to 1 inch;
  • align content from a left side
  • prefer simple fonts (Times New Roman, Arial, etc.);
  • print text of 12-sized font and black color;
  • add single spacing between lines.

It seems these requirements are very simple. But be sure, using the listed above formatting will help you to make a good first impression on the readers.

Tip #2. Add a neutral salutation

All reference essays start with a salutation, and a recommendation letter for a nanny isn’t an exception. A greeting is a simple way of being civil to another person. Make a standard salutation like ‘Hello’, ‘Good afternoon’, or ‘Greetings’. In case you know the attention’s name then make a personalized greeting. You may write ‘Dear Mr. Adams’.

Also, sometimes an employee may apply to a job position via an agency. It means you can use a formal non-personalized greeting or use the manager’s name as well. Besides, there is another never-fail option to use: add a phrase ‘To whom it may concern’.

Tip #3. Name the main facts

A potential employer may be a busy person so it’s better to appreciate both your and his or her time. Make a short introduction of why you are writing this paper.

Please, add the following information: the nanny’s name, her main responsibilities, the number of your kids and their ages, etc. Make sure you mention only the most important facts because you’ll have an opportunity to add details in the next paragraphs.

Tip #4. Write a paragraph of a nanny’s strengths

This is one of the most important sections of the recommendation letter. An employer expects several skills and proper experience from a candidate. That’s why the author’s goal is to list the main and extra strengths of a nanny.

Here are the examples of good skills people appreciate: patience, punctuality, energy, positive approach, self-organization, ethic, etc. Also, you can add here a list of the special skills your nanny has. It could be

a first-aid certification, a blackbelt in karate, and so on. If you feel you can’t describe a nanny’s skills properly then you may use professional assistance from a LOR writing service.

Tip #5. Highlight your personal relationships

Sometimes nannies work for families for several months only but usually, they do their jobs for years. As a result, kids and parents have many mutual memories. Don’t worry, sentimental facts are very welcome in a letter. By adding such facts, you’ll admit that a person wasn’t a stranger to you. Besides carrying out all direct duties, she was a part of a family too.

The greatest way to share such sentimental moments is to add stories to your reference letter. The main part of the paper is a perfect place for it. Feel free to add 1-3 short stories. If you are interested in mistakes-free and unique essays you may always rely on experts. Feel free to buy letter of recommendation or use professional support in writing.

Tip #6. Share the reason why employment has ended

This is one of the most popular questions for candidates. If you answer for it beforehand, then the potential employer will have less doubt to hire your former nanny. The best you can do as a former employer is to summarize your relationships for good or natural reasons. For instance, your kids have grown up, you have moved to another country, etc.

Besides describing the reason why employment has ended, you can also add some sentimental sentences. Write how kids miss nanny and what it was a wonderful time for your family to have such a precious person by your side.

Tip #7. End a letter positively

In the end, you should repeat briefly your main content. Add several sentences describing your intentions in writing the recommendation letter for your former nanny. Be honest and sincere.

This document should end with your name, surname, contact information, a date, and your signature. Remember to keep your essay brief without overwhelming the reader with many pages. A positive tone of voice is preferred.

Why Do You Need a Good Nanny Recommendation or Nanny Reference Letter Sample

A golden standard is a very helpful thing no matter what you are doing. It helps to find the basic elements to keep in your writing. Such help is especially precious when you don’t have proper experience in something. That’s why a sample letter of recommendation for nanny is a must for all parents or such an essay’s author.

There are plenty of similar assignments available on the Web. Choose several papers, read them, make notes, and use them as templates for your letter. In most cases, such samples may be as helpful as professional writing services.

But anyway, you still can ask professional writers for assistance in writing. Let us know if you want to receive more information about a nanny recommendation letter. Also, write to us directly if you wish to get full support now. Our team of experts will gladly assist you!