A Reference Letter Vs Recommendation Letter: Everything You Need To Know

Application for a job, any type of service, and so on requires an applicant to prepare a certain letter. It helps to improve the communication between two and more sides. Moreover, such documents may be a must or extra thing to perform. Because people don’t use different types of letters day by day, they often can’t recognize the difference between these documents. As a result, individuals may face unexpected issues and even fail their plans.

Today we are going to discuss reference letter vs recommendation letter. What for you need these types of letters, the main particularities of both, how to distinguish one from another, and other essential questions. At the end of this article, you’ll be able to name the real differences and unique features of a letter of reference vs letter of recommendation.

Why It’s Important to Differ Existent Types of Letters

Depending on your case, you will require one of these documents. What is the paper you really need? No one could answer this question except a person interested in receiving it. But if an individual doesn’t find differences among these assignments then there is no chance to make the right decision.

Whether you are going to write a text on your own or buy it from a professional writer, you are in trouble. If you are not sure if you need to ask for a reference letter or recommendation letter then the result will be uncertain too. It seems like you have only 50% of success, and it’s a pity.

The right paper means a lot to a person:

  • it performs the task you need. Let’s see: there is a huge difference between LOR writing service and math homework assistance. If you ask for LOR help you’ll get a recommendation paper. In case you order help with math you’ll receive assistance with your algebra or geometry issues. The division of LOR and reference letter writing has plenty things to mention;
  • it highlights your deep interest in the application. No matter the reason and plans of your application – a job position or a volunteer program – you desire the paper to highlight the level of your interest in it. No admission committee will accept your application with weak and non-enthusiastic sentences. Thanks to selecting a relevant type of application document, you earn great bonuses at the beginning;
  • it guarantees your success. The right document meets original requirements. Because of the different goals of these texts, you need to choose the one which matches your task the best. That’s why the right choice guarantees you success and gives extra benefits compared to other applicants.

Thanks to the useful information below, you’ll be able to deal with your challenge. On the one hand, it’s a rational decision to buy letter of recommendation or reference paper instead of making your own mistakes worth a new position or valuable education. On the other hand, give it a try and write a text according to your needs.

What Is Letter of Reference vs Recommendation

Unfortunately, this question doesn’t have a short answer. If you truly aspire to differentiate these documents from each other, you should dive into the particularities of each paper. Only such a substantial approach can make you use the proper type of paper for the exact situation.

So let’s compare letter of recommendation vs reference. We are going to make a significant comparison of these documents by analyzing the origin, particularities, signs, and other characteristics of every text in sequence.

The main particularities of the letter of reference

A letter of reference is a type of general approval of your personality. It is prepared by a person who knows you, your skills, abilities, etc. As a result, the writer is capable of confirming you can perform the exact job in the future or has already done it before. Thanks to such a basic verification of certain facts, the third person may make conclusions about your perspectives and further relationships with you.

As a result, this paper just confirms that the author of the text knows the person he or she describes. Please, keep it in mind when you ask for reference letter. The author is also able to admit the general personal features and characteristics an applicant has. Usually, such a text isn’t specified and doesn’t contain certain, unique, and personal information.

Here are useful tips to write such a paper:

  • use positive content. If you have ever read or written reference vs letter of recommendation then you understand its general vibe. It aims to describe an individual in a positive light. It’s important to keep such a mood during writing. It’s better to add only good experience with a candidate and avoid commenting on neutral or negative situations;
  • avoid private details. You need to describe in the paper only professional and slightly private details which are associated with the application. All other intimal facts aren’t welcomed to be in this official and important document;
  • make a brief description. Such a text requires not more than one page of content. It is enough to confirm you are acquainted with the individual and describe the general individual’s features. Be sure that the members of the admission committee are busy and don’t have time to read a 5-page essay about every candidate for a position;
  • use convincing vocabulary. If we compare reference letter sample vs recommendation letter then the first one doesn’t need exact examples. But you still should make the content convincing, trustworthy, and valuable. A very ordinary text doesn’t have a chance to impress readers and let a candidate get approval for the application.

The main particularities of the recommendation letter

A recommendation letter is a document that highlights the exact skills, relevant experience, and proper knowledge of the individual which he or she requires for the exact goal. For instance, for an application to a new position in the company or educational program abroad. The writer must pay much attention to details to make a paper personal. Compared to the reference essay, a recommendation essay is specified because it refers to unique and exact facts. Make sure you understand it if you prefer to ask for recommendation letter.

As a result, the writer describes the exact individual’s skill or feature to clarify that he or she is suitable to the exact requirements for a new position. This type of assignment requires an author to add examples from his or her relationships with the individual. It’s highly important to describe how the exact ability from that experience highlights the relevance of a person to work or study.

The following tips will help in reaching the writing goals

Reveal relationships with the applicant. The beginning of the essay must include how the author knows the individual the text is dedicated to. It is important to highlight general relationships and explain why the writer is capable to make this letter;

Highlight details. This assignment means the writer focuses on the individual’s skills, knowledge, and experience in the exact area. That’s why it is totally unacceptable to mention useless information that isn’t associated with the application purposes;

Pay attention to personal characteristics. Because the essay should be specific and personal, an author is required to describe a candidate as well as possible. it means describing not only professional skills but also personal features;

Add examples. Because the letter of reference vs recommendation is not the same, an author must support all statements with evidence. It means examples as a must to use in this text. For instance, if a writer describes the communication skills of the individual, then the example of how he or she builds relationships with clients and colleagues will suit the topic.

A Side-By-Side Comparison: The Difference Between Letter of Reference a vs Recommendation

Anyway, the most important conclusions for these papers must contain the contrasts between them. Both these documents have plenty of similarities. They are called to help individuals make applications successful and reach their original goals. At the same time, we have to mention the following diference between reference letter and recommendation letter.

Let’s reveal these differences based upon 3 main criteria. These are the purpose of an application, the author, and the reason to write.

What text is writing for

The purpose is key. The assignment may be a part of the academic application or a part of a job application. A reference text is used when your content isn’t addressed for the exact purpose while a recommendation text must be written for the exact reason. The first one is more general while the second one is more specific.

Why writing a text

You can easily answer the question ‘what to choose at the moment: reference letter or recommendation letter’ if you can say why you need it. The first type of essay is suitable for any opportunity like any job, a volunteer project, or an educational program in general. The second type of essay is written exactly for certain cases: a job application for company X or a scholarship application abroad in the university Y.

Who is writing a text

The author may be an individual who is acquainted with a candidate or it could be a candidate for an application personally. But the first option is more popular. If you require a reference paper you should ask for a favor from any person from college or work you have positive relationships with so this person may approve your original statements. If you require a recommendation essay then it’s better to ask for it from a person with extensive qualifications to add extra weight to it.

How to Ask For a Reference Letter or Recommendation Letter

Now you know that there are many difference letter of recommendation vs. letter of reference you need to mention. When you apply, what you apply for, and why you are doing this – all these criteria are important. That’s why the choice of the exact type of essay means a lot for an applicant.

No matter your reasons, one of these documents is a must for your situation. Anyway, it’s better to talk to an expert in this field to select the proper type of text and write it to the highest quality. Remember, that our experts in writing and editing are ready to support you in this struggle. You can ask for any assistance including consultation or writing from a scratch. Be sure our team will provide you with professional assistance!