Colleague Recommendation Letter

Why to Know How to Compose a Letter of Recommendation for a Teacher Colleague?

Have you ever been asked to compose a colleague recommendation letter? If yes, you might wonder how to help them reach their targets. Finally, your coworker does not report directly to you. You did not administer the annual performance review of them and set their objectives. So what is the perfect method to assist them in impressing the selection committee, supervisor, or hiring manager?

Keep in mind that you have a unique insight concerning their performance at work. Being a person who cooperated with your colleague, you might assess not only their achievements and skills but also their attitude, reliability, and working style.

What is a Colleague Letter of Recommendation?

The letter of recommendation for a colleague is such a document you compose for the colleague, illustrating their character traits and abilities as they relate to a university program or potential role. The target of a recommendation letter for the colleague is to give specific examples and firsthand accounts of how your colleague supported the team and company and accomplished projects. It must also depict the way your coworker would succeed in school or contribute to a new position.

Hiring managers and recruiters review the letters of recommendation for teacher colleagues as a part of the entire hiring process, as well as looking over portfolios, resumes, and interviews. Universities often utilize recommendation letters for colleague professors additionally to the application materials to more comprehend the student’s perspective in the specific program.

Therefore, writing a letter of recommendation for your colleague is a must for you to help set your colleague apart from other professional or/and academic candidates.

How to Write a LoR for a Colleague?

If you wish to be aware of how to compose a lor for your colleague, you are in the right place. Follow these steps when writing letter recommendation colleague:

  • Review the necessary data. 

Before you compose the lor, make sure you ask the colleague for all the important data that might guide you in composing the efficient letter. Confirm these details:

    1. What they might be applying for. You might tailor the letter the best way if you are aware of the exact opportunity your colleague is applying for.
    2. Addressee. Your colleague might be aware of the name of only the school or company or the recipient. This data might assist you in proper addressing the letter utilizing either the general opening salutation or a specific person’s name.
    3. Your colleague’s resume. Ask your colleague for their resume’s copy. This doc will give you more data concerning the colleague’s skills and job history for you to reference when you compose the letter.
    4. Achievements’ list. Your colleague likely has certain achievements proving how they might contribute to the program or new role. It might provide you with more insight into their accomplishments and work ethic.
    5. Due date. Make sure you are aware of the timeline for composing the lor so your colleague might meet your application submission deadline. It might be useful to set the deadline to make sure you finish it in a timely manner.
  • Explain your professional relationship and introduce yourself.

In the beginning part of the lor, introduce yourself. Explain the relationship with your colleague. You might include the job title for your target reader to comprehend why you are qualified to compose the letter. You might describe the years you cooperated and collaborated on specific projects.

  • Add specific samples of your colleague’s accomplishments.

Then, you should give examples of your colleague’s work achievements and ethics. Recall specific cases to utilize when highlighting their skills. You might add a few sentences about your colleague’s specific abilities. Explain the way these skills might assist them in succeeding in the prospective school or business.

  • Explain what the colleague might contribute to the specific university or new company.

Additionally, to comprehending your colleague’s work accomplishments and ethics, the university admissions counselor, recruiter, or hiring manager wants to know what you might add to the school or company. Add a few sentences on the way you believe your coworker might assist the business to grow or university.

  • Add contact data.

Give your contact data so the recipient might reach out if they have some more questions. You might give your details in the final part of your lor or add them in your closing part. For instance,
“Feel free to reach me at 333-777-3337 or [email protected] if you have any questions.”

What Should Include In A Lor for a Colleague?

Ensure there are the following parts in your letter:

  • Accurate data. No lies are allowed. Therefore, you should have a conversation with your colleague before you compose the letter. You should keep in mind that thanks to them, the project boosted sales 15%. It is also necessary to be aware of exactly if you worked with such a colleague and confirm that you might agree on the dates and times.
  • Measurable information. Try to be as specific as you can. It is so much better if you are able to show that your coworker saved or made the money of the company.
  • Great spelling, grammatically correct. It is clear that people judge one another by the presentation. Therefore, you should ask your friend to check your letter for grammar and spelling before you submit it.
  • If you send the lor by email, add a subject line. Fill out the subject line for it not to be ignored or put into the spam folder.

Colleague Letter of Recommendation Writing With Example

“Dear Mr. Koffman,

           As Tim Robertson teammate at Wow Company for the past seven years, it was so advantageous for me to cooperate with him because of his willingness to work, tireless work ethic, and leadership skills.

           Thanks to Tim, the company boosted its sales by 20%. Also, a lot of new clients have begun to cooperate with us. One of them is Coca Sola.

           As a colleague, Tim is very expertise. He is a proficient computer user, skilled manager, and knows Adobe Photoshop. What is more, Tim is such a nice person to work with because of his great sense of humor and the ability to support others.

If you have any questions about Tim and our relationships, feel free to contact me at any time.

Best regards,

Justin Liber

[email protected]


Colleague Letter of Recommendation Requirements

  1. Define a person to address the letter. You should be very precise concerning the addressee.
  2. You should see the job description and a copy of the resume. Highlight the skills and the work history if you want to point out attributes and achievements.
  3. Choose specific achievements to highlight. Describe the most prominent achievements of your colleague, but do not describe everything.
  4. The problems to be solved for the organization. Be aware of what your colleague might do for the specific company. Try to show that your colleague will be a good fit for them because of his or her problem-solving skills.
  5. Mention only relevant things. There is no need to tell you everything you know about your colleague. Just focus on the most important things that are related to the job or program they are applying for.

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